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Tips For Excursions


The whole Salzburg region is one of Austria's most renowned provinces. Hundreds of thousands of visitors longing for extraordinary experiences head for these places in their winter and summer holidays every year. Our district – Sankt Johann im Pongau – is also frequently visited, as it allows a variety of different activities to be undertaken. In the Tips for Excursions, an itinerary can be compiled of the places which attract you to visit.

Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus)

If you want to breathe the same air as the infamous leader of the Third Reich, or if you at least want to enjoy the view from 1834 metres above the sea level, then don’t hesitate – visit the Eagle’s Nest.

65 km 65 km 55 minutes mit dem Auto 55 minutes mit dem Auto

The 5 fingers overlook

The amazing panorama from the “5 fingers” overlook begins at the car park in Obertraun upon Lake Hallstätter See, where the “Krippenstein-Seilbahn” cableway starts. One of the most popular destinations in the Upper Austria region.

69,5 km 69,5 km 1:17 h mit dem Auto 1:17 h by car

To Gröbming for an adrenaline ride on the ZIPLINE

Summer in Austria is the perfect time for mountain hikes, cycling and a great adrenaline experience! In the town of Gröbming, there is in the Adventure Park, in addition to a rope park, a so-called ZIPLINE.

40 km 40 km 34 minutes by car 34 minutes by car

In the Maltatal Valley to the highest dam in Austria

Do you like waterfalls, alpine roads, monumental buildings or Porsche cars? You can have it all if you take the road to the top...

102 km 102 km 1:27 h by car 1:27 h by car

Excursion to the Mandlberggut distillery

For those who love it and know it as well as laymen who want to learn about the process of making whiskey and liqueurs test their true quality in the first distillery in the Dachstein region and also taste some homemade delicacies...

14 km 14 km 17 minutes by car 17 minutes by car

Conquering Lackenkogel Mountain - 2,054 metres above sea level

Lackenkogel – a mountain really worth climbing; it is situated directly above the town of Altenmarkt im Pongau; and with its height of 2,054 metres above the sea level it dominates the surroundings. Climbing the route that stretches up to the top of this mountain, you can...

11 km 11 km 4 hodiny walking 4 hodiny walking

Climbing Seekarspitze (2,350 metres) from Obertauern

A moderate hike of about 4 hours, including the return trip, can be made from the village of Obertauern to the Seekarspitze peak. In total, you will rise 600 metres while following the well-marked trail, and you can use common hiking...

25,5 km 25,5 km 26 minutes by car 26 minutes by car

Visit the highest suspension bridge in Austria (Hängebrücke am Dachstein)

Let yourself be carried away by the breathtaking view of the beautiful Alps. In the Dachstein glacier resort, you’ll now find the new Hängebrücke suspension bridge which is also...

25 km 25 km 29 minutes by car 29 minutes by car

Family Thermal resort Therme Amadé

Therme Amadé is not a spa in the classic style, but a wellness centre with fun and adventure that combines sports, leisure time and health.

400 m 400 m 5 minutes walking 5 minutes walking

Bobsleigh track in Flachau (Lucky Flitzer Alpine Coaster)

Bobsleigh tracks are very popular at mountain resorts – thanks to the brakes on every car, you can ride the track safely even with a small child, and you can also enjoy...

5,9 km 5,9 km 20 on a bike 20 on a bike

Experience the magic of the salt mines in Salzwelten Hallstatt

Enter into the world of salt mines which are the oldest in the world with their three-thousand-year history. You can be taken to the tunnel entrance and a unique underground world in just three minuteses...

86,6 km 86,6 km 60 minutes by car 60 minutes by car

To see animals and go fishing in Freizeit & Wildpark Untertauern

The Children’s Adventure World Kinderabenteuerland is located in the Wildpark Untertauern, which spreads over an area of 11 hectares. In the spacious outdoor enclosures...

15 km 15 km 14 minutes by car 14 minutes by car

Museums in Salzburg

It would be too simple to say that Salzburg is known for its museums. The jewel of Baroque architecture, one of the best preserved medieval town-centres on the north side of the Alps and recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage List...

77 km 77 km 56 minutes by car 56 minutes by car

Eisriesenwelt – the world of ice caves in Werfen

Are you longing for a trip you’ll never forget? Visit the largest ice cave in the world! During the one-kilometre tour of the Eisriesenwelt cave system (located in the mountain range ...

29,7 km 29,7 km 30 minutes by car 30 minutes by car

Lake Millstätter See

Lake Millstätter See is one of the natural centres of summer tourism, whether you prefer sunbathing and swimming or active sports and hiking. You can enjoy it on long summer days and there are many reasons to come back.

86,6 km 86,6 km 60 minutes by car 60 minutes by car

Krimml Falls (Krimmler Wasserfalle)

On the border of the Hohe Tauern National Park and the Zillertal Alps, you’ll find one of the most breathtaking natural creations not only of the Salzburg region but of Austria, too...

121 km 121 km 99 minutes by car 99 minutes by car

Lamprecht’s Cave

In the region of the smaller limestone Steinberge mountain range, famous for steep slopes and numerous challenging hiking trails, you’ll find the largest cave system in Europe and second deepest in all the world.

84,5 km 84,5 km 1:21 h by car 1:21 h by car

Zoo Salzburg

You’ll find 140 animal species, from the mountain chamois native to Austria to African mongoose, in the spacious natural enclosures of the Salzburg Zoological Garden on Hellbrunn Hill.

60,5 km 60,5 km 43 minutes by car 43 minutes by car

Geisterberg in Sankt. Johann

Old ghosts wake up in the spring, when the last snow melts away from the Alps. But it wouldn’t be a good idea for family trip if they were scary ghosts. These are the ghosts of natural elements, nicely painted and entertaining.

24,1 km 24,1 km 48 minutes by car 48 minutes by car

Wilde Wasser Untertal – a paradise of trails near Schladming

Another area of immeasurable beauty which you’ll find within the driving distance of our hotel in Altenmarkt im Pongau is the “Wild Water” trail near Schladming. 14.5 km of trails...

23,9 km 23,9 km 21 minutes by car 21 minutes by car

Bruno’s Mountain World, Brunos Bergwelt

If your kids are not afraid of bears (plush bears), if they want to find a fossil (a fake fossil), if they want to try out an echo machine and have fun all day long, don’t miss Bruno’s Mountain World.

39,4 km 39,4 km 38 minutes by car 38 minutes by car

Adventurous Mountain World in Wagrain, Austria (Wagrain Grafenberg)

Do you want to experience adventure and learn interesting things from animal life? Are you looking for a place to play with your children and also...

12,5 km 12,5 km 14 minutes by car 14 minutes by car

Bobsleigh track in Hallein (Sommerrodelbahn Keltenblitz)

Less than 35 minuteses by car from our hotel in Altenmarkt im Pongau, near the border with neighbouring Germany, you’ll find this exciting bobsleigh track, which is 2.2 km long.

50,9 km 50,9 km 34 minutes by car 34 minutes by car

Kitzsteinhorn Glacier

No other location in the Alps allows such easy access to an altitude of 3,000 metres above sea level and views of the Alpine giants. Add to this a great dose of fun in sports and relaxation...

83,4 km 83,4 km 78 minutes by car 78 minutes by car

Suspension bridge Stubnerkogel in Bad Gastein

This 140-metre-long bridge reaching an altitude of 28 metres above the ground brings wonderful experience all by itself. But if you can imagine the beautiful alpine scenery around you and then the bridge at a height of 2,300 metres above the sea level...

73 km 73 km 72 minutes by car 72 minutes by car

Liechtenstein Mountain Pass (Liechtensteinklamm)

Enjoy fascinating scenery and overlooks amidst the majestic mountains of the world famous Liechtenstein Pass. Let yourself be carried away through the mythical environment, moss-covered stones or the play of coloured lights...

26 km 26 km 32 minutes by car 32 minutes by car

Lammer river gorge (Lammerklamm)

If you like mountain gorges, then don’t miss Lammerklamm. This natural monument is located near the town of Abtenau in the mountain region on the wild Lammer River.

46,9 km 46,9 km 33 minutes by car 33 minutes by car

Salzzeitreise salt mines

Head for neighbouring Germany and discover the salt mines of Berchtesgaden where salt has been mined since 1517! The first visitors came here more than 170 years ago. Germany’s oldest working salt mine...

61 km 61 km 48 km by car 48 km by car

Lokwelt Railway Museum in Freilassing, Germany

Join the 35,000 visitors to the “Lokwelt Freilassing” railway museum! It’s located about ten kilometres from Salzburg. Be inspired by the 150-year history of railway technology!

75,4 km 75,4 km 54 minutes  by car 54 minutes by car

ATOMIC Vital-Park (Altenmarkt – Zauchensee)

Stretching over an area of more than 48 square kilometres of enchanting landscapes, ATOMIC Vital-Park inspires adventure and sporting activities as well as recreation and relaxation -- whether you are in the valley or in the high mountains...

500 m 500 m 5 minutes walking 5 minutes walking

Salt mine on Hallein (Hallein Salz Welten)

The tradition of salt-mining in Hallein dates back almost 2,500 years. In addition to the breathtaking salt mines inside the mountain, you can also see the related museum expositions ...

55,5 km 55,5 km 42 minutes by car 42 minutes by car

Königssee and Obersee Lakes

Two beautiful lakes, wild nature and many attractions for summer experience. The first of them, Königssee, offers many experiences you will never forget. This is the deepest lake...

67 km 67 km 60 minutes by car 60 minutes by car

Grossglockner – Austria’s highest mountain

Up to the very top of the world, or at least the highest mountain in Austria (3,798 m), where you can quite easily feel like you are on the top of the world; you can start off from our guest-house ...

112 km 112 km 110 minutes by car 110 minutes by car

Wild & Freizeitpark Ferleiten

Wild nature within reach and under the watchful eyes of bears, lynxes or mountain goats in paddocks, you and your family can enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Ferleiten Amusement Park.

77,9 km 77,9 km 68 minutes by car 68 minutes by car

Winterbauer Hütte

In the Alps, you often don’t have to go far to find a great experience. At any time, you can plan a pleasant walk from our guest-house in Altenmarkt im Pongau to the picturesque mountain cottage called Winterbauer Hütte.

2,5 km 2,5 km 40 minutes walking 40 minutes walking

Summer in Dachstein Tauern

The region of Dachstein Tauern, known for its ski resorts, offers a wide range of relaxation and adrenaline activities even in the middle of summer. The mountain valley is open to active and relaxed visitors... .

23,9 km 23,9 km 21 minutes by car 21 minutes by car

Fuschlsee Lake, Salzkammergut

As our fellow countryman begin to grow slightly bored with the nearest seaside resorts in Italy and Croatia, the Alpine sites (often closer to reach) are becoming more popular. In what way the Alps completely defeat the southernmost resorts, you can see...

81 km 81 km 69 minutes by car 69 minutes by car

Hochseilpark, Altenmarkt cableway

Not far from Altenmarkt, about 5 km, you’ll find an attraction loved by both children and adults alike – a cableway line, or if you want, the rope park called Hochseilpark Altenmarkt-Zauchensee.

5,3 km 5,3 km 7 minutes by car 7 minutes by car

Natural swimming pool near Altenmarkt

We’ve prepared some tips for natural swimming pools in the vicinity. Let yourself be carried away by beauty of these Alpine natural pools. The lake on the border of Altenmarkt and Eben with two water slides...

3,4 km 3,4 km 7 minutes by car 7 minutes by car

Salzachöfen: An expedition you’ll never forget

Discover one of the most beautiful sights in Austria in an unconventional way! Set off on an educational and entertaining expedition – explore Salzachöfen Canyon and experience an unforgettable cableway ride directly over the river...

37,3 km 37,3 km 27 minutes by car 27 minutes by car

Toni’s Almspielplatz: An amusement park for the whole family

Go with your children to the Toni’s Almspielplatz for an extraordinary experience. The park is situated at an altitude of 1,600 metres above sea level, and in addition to numerous kinds of adventure, you’ll surely enjoy the impressive view of the mountain world...

42 km 42 km 43 minutes  by car 43 minutes by car

Flying Mozart cycling route

The moderately challenging Flying Mozart cycling route (17), 11 km long with a start point in 12.5 km distant from Wagrain.

12,4 km 12,4 km 1:30 h on a bike 1:30 h on a bike

Neuberg cycling route

A medium demanding route which is 24.5 km long and 17.3 km distant from the Hauses; however, it is a very pleasant circuit through the towns of Filzmoos, Neuberg and Reitsteg.

17,3 km 17,3 km 2:30 on a bike 2:30 on a bike

Frauenalm Round cycling route

A challenging cycle circuit with a starting point in Flachau (7 km away), which can be accessed just on the outskirts of Altenmarkt, too.

7 km 7 km 4:30 on a bike 4:30 on a bike

Griessenkar Rounde cycling route

The demanding Greissenkar cycling circuit begins in the centre of Flachau; however, driving 10 km by car with a bicycle on the roof is not necessary.

7 km 7 km 4:15 h on a bike 4:15 h on a bike

Königslehen Runde cycling

This medium-demanding cycling route starts in Altenmarkt im Pongau and climbs up from the Altenmarkt river valley to the side of Mount Kemahdhöhe, largely passing through the forested land.

17,3 17,3 4:00 h on a bike 4:00 h on a bike

Marbachalm Tour cycling route

The quite easy Marbachalm Tour cycling route is 26.9 km long and starts in Flachau, 6.6 km away.

6,6 km 6,6 km 2:30 h on a bike 2:30 h on a bike

Ennsradweg – Wanderfahrt durch die Berg- und Wasserwelt

Der Ennsradweg, dessen erste Etappe unter anderem auch an unseren HÄUSERN vorbeiführt, die von ihrem Charakter her in der ersten Etappe eher einfach ist.

10 km 10 km 3:30 h on a bike 3:30 h on a bike